Another cheating MP

We all know Labour cheats and breaks the rules over?political?advertising, well it seems Hone Harawira must have been taking lessons from them.

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira risks a fine of up to $40,000 for a newspaper advertisement urging voters to “Vote 4 Hone” published without a promoter statement during the Te Tai Tokerau byelection.

The advertisement ran in theNorthern Advocate on June 24 – the day before the by-election – and did not feature a party logo or any form of promoter statement saying who had placed it.

It urged voters to vote for Mr Harawira rather than his main rival, Labour list MP Kelvin Davis, to get “two for one”.

Prosecute?him. It is an open and shut case, oh except for the oh so convenient?politicians?excuse for all law breaking byt them.\

Mr Harawira confirmed it was his advertisement and said the lack of the promoter statement was a simple mistake.

Should we really accept that politicians who make simple mistakes on laws and rules that govern their every utterance are actually fit to be our leaders.

I note that they never say “honest” mistake.