Another epic Phil Goff failure

Another epic Phil?Goff failure when asked about the detail of his new flagship tax policy?

Labour’s controversial proposal to introduce a capital gains tax – estimated to reap $26 billion over 15 years, principally from property sales – does not include any details of the crucial administrative costs involved.

Labour leader Phil Goff estimates the tax take in the first year, from 2013, will be $78 million and over 15 years $26 billion, but in an interview yesterday he acknowledged he had no costings on collecting and enforcing the wide-ranging tax regime, for either the first year or the 15-year period.

“The costs will be no higher than income tax is now,” he said, but agreed he did not know what that figure was at present either.

No wonder people have written them off, they forget simple stuff like this and expect the voters to think they can run the country.