Another "One"

You are a somewhat folically challenged bruiser from a quake damaged region, and hold a blue seat by being a good local MP who does not use your party?s logo on your election materials. You have held your seat when there is a massive swing against your party, but it is such a blue seat that even with an inept opponent who completely lacks empathy you have a chance of losing.

Word is that a faustian pact has been done between the two tory parties to ensure your demise, and despite the hard work you have done for decades you are at risk due to the terrible performance of your party leader.

Not being part of the gaggle, or a card carrying self serving unionist, you are somewhat on the outer and didn?t actually take a list position in your first three elections. At the same time you have been fretting about your future because although the Herald rates you as a man coming, time is ebbing by and the gaggle and the unionists are pushing people through the caucus who will take the cabinet posts you so richly deserve. Your wikipage is only one third the length of Charles Chauvel’s, even if you are rightly called Hon. Cosgrove and Charles is just plain Mr.

You are known to be from the right of the party, meaning nominally you support the current leader, but when it comes down to it, you have to choose between your career and your seat and your mate. With a 25% gap in the polls you don?t have much choice.

So you become another ?one.?