Another "One"

You are a long serving Labour loyalist who has taken more than one for the team. You were transplanted from the West Coast to Hawkes Bay before being a visitor from the Hawkes Bay actually became cool, and Labour needed a man on the ground there.

Doing your level best you were elected in 93, 96,99 & 02 although there was a sneaking suspicion your level best wasn?t actually that good, and in 2005 you became a scum list MP. In 2008 you were soundly beaten again, and to rub salt into the wounds your opponent ended up totally taking the piss and getting a gay ute.

A good loyal Clark supporter you did your time for 9 years, then were promoted into cabinet, serving for six years earning many, many times more than the poor union serfs you used to represent when dollars were scarce and kids went barefoot to school.

Ever the loyal party man you have let some wee slip of a girl take on the man with the gay ute, and moved to the King Country where no one expects you do do any real work during the campaign, much to your relief.

The recent poll results mean you won’t be getting back into parliament on the list, and despite being Hon. you are finding it as difficult to get employment as the Hon. Power. So you look at who is causing the poll results, start wondering if your career in parliament will be prolonged with a new leader.

You become another ?one?.