Another "One"

Sue Moroney is OneYou are a country girl who embraced social justice, taking one for the team in 1996, and another for the team in 2002 before entering parliament on the list in 2005. You moved from the very blue rural seat to a bellwether seat in the tron in 2008, but as New Zealand fell out of love with Helen you weren?t able to make any impact despite being big on social justice and running against Cancer whose ideas of polling his constituents are considered a little old fashioned and somewhat controversial.

Not being from the gaggle, but being a card carrying self serving unionist your career has moved along at a brisk clip, and you have now been given the chance of taking the other tron seat off a man who is slightly more conventional with his polling but somewhat less popular. A seat will give you mana which you don?t have a scum list MP, and a win will earn you the respect of your caucus colleagues, even if you are not a member of the gaggle.

Your self serving previous life has stood you in good stead for working with your old comrades in the education unions who are doing their best to help you at the same time as expecting a quid pro quo when you are the minister.

The problem is that at current polling you will waste away another six years on the opposition benches as the hated tories ignore the cries of the oppressed unionists in the education sector who just want a fair go really. You agree, educators work far too hard, don?t get paid enough and this accountability nonsense is quite beyond the pale. You are up against a woman who is a former kitset house seller, and yet despite her past you cant seem to make any traction.

So you start thinking about how soon you can expect to be ?Hon? and pay back your loyal friends in the education sector with free holidays to the Gold Coast for all, free gym membership, free lunch, a rum ration like sailors get, early retirement with a big golden hand shake and of course no accountability because everyone knows teacher accountability does nothing to help students. Even a teacher can work out your leader has been able to get no traction, and has kept your ambitions on hold while he dances his death dance, taking your party with him.

So you start thinking about all the good deeds your teacher mates need and how they desperately need that free holiday on the Gold Coast, and you become another ?one?.