Another "One"

You are a tough girl from the ?naki who discovered that trading on your ethnicity got you places, especially in the modern Labour Party. This caused some consternation in your ethnic community as no one actually knew who you were, and were quite surprised at your selection, even though you had done some stellar work managing equity at university.

Paula Bennett's tart cartForging ahead talking little notice of the doubters, you managed to secure the selection in the nominally safe Labour seat of Waitakere, despite not being part of the the gaggle or self serving. A triumph for someone who is not actually a proper westie, and is competing with someone who is a westie right down to her tart cart.

You are “more down to Earth, more authentic, more genuine” than your opponent, despite not having a tart cart. You may not have hunted pigs before entering politics, but you are ?more closely connected? than your pig hunting, tart cart driving opponent.

Yet the polls are not favourable. This red seat that is so rightfully yours after a bloody and brutal selection battle is going to stick with the hated Tory sell out, whose tart cart and pig hunting masks the fact she is taking money off hard working beneficiaries who deserve far better for the hard work they do.

And looking at the polls you see you may end up looking at the situations vacant column, at a time where there is a great shortage of equity needing to be managed as the Tory scum have cut funds for equity.

So you look at your party and think this old white guy who is not very popular is not being very equitable to people like you who will lose your seat if he keeps being so useless, and you become another of the most important number in a coup, a ?one?.