Applause… Dame Margaret Bazley…

Dame Margaret Bazley is retiring as Fire Service Commission Chair, this is her?parting?shot at intransigent unions:

I have worked with many different unions over the past 40 years including the Public Service Association, teachers, nurses and others. Over time they all earned my respect. I have the highest regard for firefighters as individuals and this was reinforced during their response to the Christchurch earthquakes. However, I despair that the NZPFU will ever lift its sights above narrow self interest and play a constructive and responsible role in reaching a fair wage agreement that properly reflects the prevailing circumstances. Despite the Employment Court supporting the Fire Service by requiring mediated assistance for the bargaining, the NZPFU further demonstrated this attitude by today tabling a new pay claim that was significantly higher than they had previously asked for,? she said.

A remarkable statement that shows just how out of touch some union scumbags really are. I fully expect Darien Fenton to come out and attack Dame Margaret now.