Because "friends" matter apparently

The left wing is all enraged because some socially inept spotty young Nat with strange views has “friended” some National MPs on Facebook. Apparently if someone is your friend you then somehow vicariously absorb their views no matter how warped they are.

Well they started it, so let’s go on a little troll.

May as well start with the chief muckraker and liar extraordinaire Trevor Mallard.

It seems he supports legalisation and liberalisation of marijuana. Well he must do, he is friends with Dakta Green.

Trevor Mallard supports marijuana legalisation

Then we can see that Trevor is a friends with a man who believes that Gays should be stoned to death. If his friends believe in stoning of gays then Trevor Mallard must support stoning of gays.

Trevor Mallard supports stoning of gays

If we use Bomber’s logic (I know an oxymoron), but let’s use it. Then Trevor Mallard is also a right wing hate merchant who hates the poor.

Trevor Mallard is a right wing hate merchant and hater of the poorTo round it all off he is also friends with a guy who walked his goat, ironically named Trevor, and likes to joke about bombs and whose mother is a beneficiary fraudster. Wow so much to read into all that. But using the logic of the left, Trevor?Mallard?is friends with them and so therefore he subscribes to their views and those of their relatives. What to make of someone who has a friend on Facebook who is a goat walking, bomb prankster whose family have benefit fraudsters in their midst?

Trevor Mallard supports goat walking, bomb pranks and benefit fraud

Bomber did us all a favour by suggesting that we get to know who our MPs and politicians hang with. I’ll let my readers pick the next victim.

Meanwhile trevor Mallard can reflect on what happens in an?asymmetrical?war against a blogger….the blogger wins.