Can't have it both ways

Labour are busy spinning that?tonight’s One News poll isn’t anything to do with their capital gains tax grab plans.

We can safely ignore their spinning. They did the soft launch on purpose. It was designed to allow their capital gains tax plans to register in the polls, they planned it to cover both 3News and One News polls. Little did they know that 3 News went early into the field.

During this past week there has been more than enough information seeded and leaked by Labour for people to form a view and from all indications coming in via the tipline it would suggest that Labour and their capital gains tax have gone down like a cup of cold sick.

Labour deliberately leaked their policy to affect the polls, now the results appear to not be to their liking they are trying to claim that the people didn’t know the detail.

That of course forgets that Labour’s crippled campaign manager has been imploring the troops to avoid detail because they think that people aren’t interested in the detail. The bad news for Labour is that detail is required and wanted by the public, pity they don’t know the details so they can discuss it.

Can’t wait till 6pm tonight on One.