Challenge: Put up Bomber, or join the NRA

Bomber Bradbury is obviously from the school of political numpties that believe if you tell a lie and get caught, tell it again and hope no one noticed that you got caught.

Yesterday I smashed up his lies:

But if you look at some real facts, not just the one pulled out of his rec?tum you?find:

Man?gere:?76% of house?holds have landlines

Mt Albert:?89% of house?holds have landlines

North Shore:?94% of house?holds have landlines

If you go through all of the Auck?land seats, you can?t find a sin?gle one that even remotely matches Bombers fig?ures. So Bomber is say?ing (I sus?pect he invented the fig?ures from his rather large and expand?ing arse) than since the 2006 cen?sus, 40% of House?holds in Man?gere have given up their land?line and 39% of those in Mt Albert have also given up their phone?lines.

Yet today he repeats them. Why is it Labour and their mouthpieces and flunkies just lie at the first opportunity?

I pointed out Bombers lies in the comments yesterday. Yet he repeats them. I at least have provided evidence and links he hasn’t.

I issue a challenge to Bomber then, that if he can prove his numbers, categorically, then I will donate the?equivalent?of a 5 year membership to the NRA to the Mana Party. But if he can’t produce any proof of his assertions then he has to join the NRA for 5 years.

I bet he isn’t man enough to accept this challenge.