Cluster Farrar tries to re-write history


Cluster Farrar attempts to rewrite history. His post saying the ACT Coup was a cluster fuck was on April 27th.

I have been somewhat surprised at how amateurish the attempted ACT coup has been. In fact, I?d go further and say it somewhat resembles a cluster fuck. I?ll explain where I think mistakes were made, and what I would have done differently.

He sums up his post on the 27th of April with this.

Unless something dramatically changes, it looks like he will not be leading ACT, and he will presumably set up his new party. This is more complicated than one might think. You need a set of rules. You need an initial board. You need rules on who selects candidates, who elects the board, who elects the leader etc. You need principles and policies. You need offices and staff. You need members and activists ? and you need money. The last should not be a problem from the sounds of it.

History showed something different.

Leadership of the ACT Party
On 28 April 2011 the incumbent leader of the ACT Party,?Rodney Hide, announced that he was stepping down as leader in favour of Brash who had joined the party that morning

Please don?t attempt to rewrite history Cluster Farrar.

We can all agree that since Don took over ACT has behaved like Medusa?s snakes trying to bite each other, and you could accurately describe it as a cluster fuck, but attempting to rewrite history is what we expect from people like Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard on the Capital Gains Tax, not a respected right wing blogger.