Costumes for the National Party Conference

As readers know National are having a 1930?s themed dinner at their conference ensuring Captain Panic Pants has to take an extra large dose of antacids. After recent polls the media will be looking to even up the election so will love seeing a bunch of old white people dressed in silly costumes, and many of whom are likely to say silly things on camera including daggy dancing.

Just so attendees can dress correctly to make the night really go off and get the message across that National wants to take New Zealand back to the depression era (ok well at least the fundies will be happy as you could beat kids in the 30?s) here are some potential costumes.

Harking back to the thirties women had three career choices. Go teaching. Go nursing. Barefoot & Pregnant. This is a family orientated blog so we wont be encouraging GILFs to dress as barefoot and pregnant but here are some potential costumes.

Nurses – Tony Ryall as Health Minister will be especially happy with these costumes and maybe even the teachers ones.

Costume Warehouse


Fashion for Fun

Teachers (no Richard Worth has not been invited), not sure Anne Tolley will look that fetching in these costumes.

Costume Warehouse

Party Connection

Didn?t Allan Peachey have a mo back in his teaching career?

Unfortunately some in National havent realised they are very dead, very rancid mutton dressed up as Lamb so this blog fully expects Michelle to turn up in something 1930?s but also risqu?.

The tipline has been running hot with complaints about the dinner being roast mutton covered in dripping, as there is a group of people that think lard is more authentic. Readers should email in with suggestions.