Dear Lockwood

Hon Dr Lockwood Smith
Speaker of the House of Representatives

By blog and email

Re: Breach of Parliamentary Services Spending Rules

Dear Dr Smith,

Please find overleaf a copy of minutes of the Labour North meeting on 25th May 2011.

You will find the following phrase 2/3rds of the way down the first page:

?The role of the office and MPs were clarified, noting these add value to the collective, and to use?Parliamentary Services for best outcome for LP?.

Could you please clarify whether it is legal for the Labour Party to use Parliamentary Services?funding for the benefit of a political party and in?particular?the benefit of the Labour party. If it is not could you please tell me what steps you?intend taking against Labour, and what steps I personally can take to stop any party abusing?Parliamentary Services funding.

In the interests of providing transparency and information for the public of New Zealand I would like to publish all?the rules and?guidelines?that political parties rely upon for decisions around use of Parliamentary Services funding on this blog. Could you please provide?this information?

Yours faithfully

Cameron Slater