Doomed from the start

Any policy idea that is soft launched with:

“It’s going to be bold, it’s going to be about producing a real step change in the economy,”

…is doomed from the get go.

The policy is doubly doomed if it is Phil Goff launching it.

Labour has so far promised more than $7 billion in additional spending and hasn’t yet told us how they are going to pay for it. If they describe jacking up taxes on the taxpayers as a step-change then they are well rooted.

If they have put as much though into their capital gains tax plans as they did into Axe the Tax which morphed into Not Axing the Tax, which then morphed into GST off fresh fruit and Veges as well as their silly $5000 tax free threshold then they are in for a world of hurt.

Still miracles happen, maybe they have thought it through.