Education Branch of Labour continues war

This country spends an absolute fortune on ECE – $1.4 billion a year. But it’s not enough for the teachers’ unions.

The NZEI and their poodles in the Labour Party (who they handed over private email addresses to) want the taxpayers to stump up an extra half a billion every year. Of course, they have no clue how the country will pay for it.

And the reason for this blow-out? They want yet more teachers to wipe noses for three year olds.

Here are the facts:

More teachers = more union members = more funds for the NZEI war chest to campaign against the government.

Trouble is, the nutters in the NZEI are being ignored by the media and the public, who are wise to their banshee wailing.

So just when you think they can’t stoop any lower, the NZEI has started using young kids for their warped political protests – and have posted pictures from around the country bragging about it.

Are parents aware their kids are being used in this way? How f*cking dare these people take such liberties, while pretending it is about children.

Of course, your average newspaper picture editor can’t resist cute kids, so have been publishing the pictures alongside the NZEI’s poisonous message.

And to really scrape the bottom of the barrel, the NZEI is advertising for people with kids in prams and pushchairs to protest in Auckland this weekend.

Here’s a message for the NZEI. New Zealanders are well aware of your nastiness. You can try and hide behind the fluffy stuff, but we can still see you and hear your lies.