Get her away from young kids

Lessons from history – if you make an offensive statement but get away with it, making an absolute dick of yourself in the process, then make sure you don’t do it again.

Unless, of course, you are the thoroughly unpleasant Invercargill principal and NZPF/NZEI activist Marlene Campbell.

This nasty piece of work recently described Anne Tolley as Hitler, because she refused to back down in the face of whining leftie principals over National Standards.

The lovely Marlene was forced to apologize to her board of trustees, school, and the local community – but didn’t apologize to the education minister.

A few of the left-wing principals protested yesterday at MoE offices – but only 140 failed to hand in legal documents as opposed to the 350 that were threatening.

Rather then keep her mouth shut, Marlene decided it would be a good idea to speak to Cue TV and this time compare Anne Tolley to Joseph Goebbels – Hitler’s chief propagandist.

Not only that, she had a good old laugh about her previous Hitler comments.

Some questions. Is it appropriate for this woman to be in charge of young children – what kind of hysterical offensive nonsense is she putting in their minds?

She apologized once and got away with it – what action is her board now going to take?

If she feels so strongly anti-government, why doesn’t she resign and stand for parliament?

She could begin by handing back the extra $2000 she gets a year to teach literacy and numeracy programmes.

Meanwhile, Tolley is starting to threaten rebel schools she will take away their funding if they don’t do as they are told. And it’s working a treat.