Get rid of Goff

The latest Herald Digipoll is out and Labour has again got itself spanked. This is the 5th poll in as many weeks that shows us that labour and their CGT policy are dead meat. This is the second full after the release of CGT policy. Remember what Mallard said at the time of previous polls.

The Herald though says what everyone but Labour seems to have grasped.

Jon Johansson, a politics lecturer at Victoria University, said the poll showed that even when Labour had ideas that met with public approval the voters were not receptive to the “current messenger.”

“There’s no hiding the fact that the public are not responding to a Phil Goff-led Labour.”

Mr Johansson said Mr Goff needed to give up on a head-to-head popularity contest with Mr Key and let other caucus members take a greater role.

“They really need to run a campaign that de-emphasises leadership because so long as the overriding comparison in voters’ minds is Key versus Goff, that is not good for Labour.

And what does the hapless Phil Goff have to say about that?

Mr Goff believed Labour’s message was now getting through, as evidenced by the support for the new policies. He believed people would vote based on policies rather than personality.

As Daryl Kerrigan would say, “Tell him he’s dreaming“.

Labour has lost the election, now it is just a matter of badly they lose and it appears with Phil Goff ‘leading’ that is going to be a severe beating.