Goff and Labour still smearing Tucker

Own Your Future: Roll your leaderPhil Goff still refuses to accept he was briefed on the Israeli ‘spy’ story. This is nothing short of ?an ongoing smear on the integrity of Warren Tucker in order to try and land a punch on John Key.

As late as this morning on TVNZ Breakfast, Annette King was still claiming Goff had not been briefed, except he had and Labour’s spin that he wasn’t given any documents. Maryan Street was making the same?bullsh*t claims last night – even after Goff admitted he had been briefed.

Labour’s attempts to spin its way out of the hole Goff dug for them only makes it worse. The plain fact is that Phil Goff lied to the New Zealand media and to the New Zealand public in order to score a cheap political point and now refuses to admit he lied, instead dissembling and obfuscating.

Not only has it been revealed that the Labour Leader does not pay attention to briefings with the SIS, but now it appears that Labour is prepared to question the professionalism of a senior public servant to save their own skin.? This is quite outrageous.


It turns out it was Labour leader Phil Goff who was wrong when he said he was not briefed on the Israeli spy investigation. Yesterday SIS boss Warren Tucker assured Mr Goff he had mentioned the inquiries into the activities of the backpackers to him in March. Mr Goff’s ears didn’t prick up, despite being foreign minister during the 2004 passport scandal. “The head of the SIS said he flicked the issue past me and said there wasn’t much to it,” Mr Goff said. “If there had been anything of substance said to me, I’m sure I would recollect it.”

At least Phil Goff removes any doubt now that the ‘spy’ scanal was nothing more than a pathetic beat-up by disgruntled conspiracy theorists. By saying that there wasn’t anything of any substance proves that these poor victims of the earthquake were nothing more than innocent tourists.

The fact remains though that Phil Goff claimed that he was not briefed, and it is clear that he was. Phil Goff has a habit of lying about confidential briefings now. The man cannot be trusted to run a chook raffle let alone the country.

It is just a pity that Labour don’t have the guts to get rid of him.