Goff can't get his story straight

This morning Phil Goff admitted Labour couldn’t sell its plan for new taxes and extra borrowing on the actual detail – but in the very next interview said the detail of the tax and borrow policy was winning people over.
It’s no wonder people are switching off Labour when their Leader can’t keep his story straight from one interview to the next.

Radio NZ Interview: Labour takes a hit in the polls

At about 3 minutes:

“…Look if you’re going to sell a tax policy you sell it on its principles, you sell it on what it does. You don’t delve into particular details of figures.”

Phil Goff, RNZ Morning Report,?18 July 2011

Good to see that Phil reads Trevor’s emails at least.

Then on NewstalkZb Goff says:

Phil Goff on NewstalkZB

At around 22 minutes:

“When people go through the detail of what is in our policy and what is proposed, we win support on that policy.”

Goff on selling CGT, Newstalk ZB,?18 July 2011

Then in a real shocker he admits that only Labour’s CGT figures were checked by BERL. ?Labour sourced (invented) the other numbers…this one is not good at the end when he has to defend his leadership – again.

Phil Goff on Scoop

Labour led by Phil Goff face obliteration in November, and they can also kiss goodbye any chance at 2014. If they want to be credible in 2014 they need to roll Goff. He is constantly muffing his lines and ?whining about his poor showings.