Goff conceding again

Phil Goff just can’t take a trick. Every time he opens his gob garbage issues forth.

In an updated news story on the NZ Herald site poor old Phil Goff is clutching at straws like he did this morning by calling out for the ghost of Helen Clark.

He said there had been only “two real polls” this year — the Botany and Te Tai Tokerau by-elections, which both saw Labour improve its support.

Like 1996, that Goff held up as hope for the party, Labour lost in both Botany and Te Tai Tokerau.

Mr Goff told reporters today that Labour could win the election.

“We have other polls that we look at, and those polls have us doing significantly better. I’m confident that on the day that we can win.”

Oh yeah which polls are those? 3News Poll? Nope. Roy Morgan poll? Nope. Scratch One News….which polls could Labour be talking about? None that I can find. The best Labour has done in the past 9 months is 36.5%, back in September 2010, the only poll which could remotely be described as significantly better than 27%.

Phil Goff is becoming more and more deluded as time runs out in his political hour glass.