Goff needs to go

Phil Goff mounted a full scale attack this morning about not being briefed over the?alleged?Israeli spy issue.

As I pointed out earlier he has placed the head of the SIS, Warren Tucker into a possible sticky situation in that he is required by law to briefed the leader of the Opposition. Phil Goff was adament this morning that he had not been briefed.

Labour leader Phil Goff denies he was briefed on the SIS investigation into suspicions that Israeli backpackers were spying in Christchurch.

Goff is furious over the Prime Minister’s entire handling of the affair, including claims yesterday that the Labour leader was kept in the loop.

Goff insists he was not briefed before, during or after the investigation and says he has texted the head of the SIS to complain about John Key’s comments.

That is pretty emphatic from Goff just this morning. Yet at his press conference this afternoon he is back-pedalling furiously.

After hearing Key’s remark, Goff contacted SIS director Warren Tucker for a ”please explain”.

Tucker told him he had ”flicked the issue past him” during a regular meeting with Goff in March. The pair meet every eight weeks. Goff said he couldn’t recall the matter being discussed in the meeting, which occurred a week to a fortnight from the quakes.

Goff said he was shown one of three documents about the investigation this morning, but wouldn’t discuss its contents.

”The head of the Security Intelligence Service said he flicked the issue past me and said there wasn’t much to it,” Goff said.

”He ‘didn’t dwell on it’, was his comments.

”If there had been anything of substance said to me I’m sure I would recollect it.”

Well, well, well, turns out that Goff was briefed. Not only that back in March. Now instead of emphatically denying and?insisting?he wasn’t?briefed, Goff is now claiming he can’t remember.

Phil Goff has a history of making stuff up over briefings. It certainly looks like he has done it again here and all for maximum political gain. The disgusting thing about his is his target turned out not to be John key but instead a civil servant, who presumably has screeds of diary notes and reports of the briefings that he gave Phil Goff.

All someone has to do now is ask Warren Tucker to produce the?briefing?notes and Goff is a goner.

Shamefully Goff has used the February earthquake as a cover for his “forgetting” about the briefing. Perhaps there is a more interesting reason why Goff “forgot”. He was busy trying to keep one of his own out of the news by keeping details about a Police investigation secret.