Goff not committed to Capital Gains, Labour not committed to Goff

Phil Goff trotted along to Red Radio to talk up?Labour’s?much heralded tax grab policy. You would think he would be confident of a “fair” hearing from the pinkos at Red Radio. But Mary Wilson, obviously a resident?property?speculator, carves him up a beauty.

Phil Goff whining about tax

Own Your Future: Roll your leaderRADIO NZ – NATIONAL??????? Date:? 14/07/2011

MARY WILSON:??????? If this doesn’t win you the election will Labour drop the policy?

PHIL GOFF:?? Well it’s a bit like parliaments, one parliament doesn’t determine the next parliament and I’m not determining what the Labour Party might do at some point in the future. But what…

MARY WILSON:????? But if it’s a good policy for the future you should hang onto it shouldn’t you?

PHIL GOFF:? Well I’ve got to say this. That within our caucus and within our New Zealand council and our policy council there’s overwhelming support for it. People like it, they think it is bold but they think it is the best thing for New Zealand and it’s the fairest thing to do.

MARY WILSON:??????? Yeah but you can’t say that if you still lose the election you’ll hang onto it?

PHIL GOFF:?? I can’t say that about any policy that there might be for the future. Every – every term the Labour party…

MARY WILSON:??????? [Interrupts] But this is a policy for the future, you’ve just spent a whole lot of time telling us that this is a policy for the future.

PHIL GOFF:?? Yeah and I’m telling you I think it’s the right thing to do, but just like any other policy I can’t tell you whether what the Labour policy will be in six, nine or 12 years’ time. I think this is the right thing and I hope that the Labour Party does hold onto it…

I note that Phil Goff tails off at the end, he is probably hoping they hold on to him for a another couple of days, possibly weeks. But this interview shows that Labour and Phil Goff aren’t that wedded to CGT nor are they prepared to die in a ditch over it.

Mary Wilson can join Mike Hosking as a honorary VRWC?switch?hitters this week.