Goff still lying, his position is untenable

Phil Goff just keeps on lying. Here is a transcript of his interview with Larry Williams last night during Drive Time at 06:13 PM. He clearly maintains he was not briefed then goes to explain the details of the briefing he did not have.

LARRY WILLIAMS:?????The Israelis, the Prime Minister said his understanding from director SIS, Warren Tucker, that you were briefed and it seems that you were.

PHIL GOFF:?No, I wasn’t briefed. He said that I’d received the same document that he had received. I saw no document. There were three documents. I have seen none of them. Briefed is not a description that I would give. I had the director of the SIS in this morning, as soon as I heard the Prime Minister make that comment on Sunday on Q&A and the director said there are a lot of issues on the agenda. I flicked past that one. It was not something that I dealt with in any depth and I said that there was probably nothing to it. I don’t even recall him mentioning it but it certainly did not reflect what you would take from the term briefing and I saw no document.

LARRY WILLIAMS:???????You were given the papers though, were you? I mean, that’s what Tuck?

PHIL GOFF:?No, I wasn’t.

LARRY WILLIAMS:???????Tucker’s an honourable guy, isn’t he? Were you given the papers or not?

PHIL GOFF:?No, I wasn’t given the papers and nor – nor will Warren Tucker say that I definitely received those papers. I would have recalled reading the paper had I been given it. I was not given it.

LARRY WILLIAMS:???????Well, what information did Tucker give to you then?

PHIL GOFF:?Well, he said that he flicked – we had several major items on the agenda that day. He flicked past a number of issues including the case of Israelis that were in Christchurch for the earthquake. He said we did not go into it in any depth and I probably said to you there was nothing to it.

LARRY WILLIAMS:???????Is it possible that – is it possible that he gave you the information, you flicked past it and you didn’t look at it?

PHIL GOFF:?No, no, that’s not possible, that’s not the way we organised it.

How Phil Goff can reconcile that he wasn’t briefed with the details he then talks about regarding documents and the Israeli’s and still maintain he was not briefed just shows the lengths this man will go to to deny the truth.