Heading for the Knackers Yard

It is not often I agree with Vernon Small. Today he is just brutal:

On the basis of today’s poll, the party’s chances ? and Mr Goff’s leadership beyond the general election ? are well down the road to the knacker’s yard. The poll confirms ? with a twist of the knife ? what others lately have shown. Mr Goff is making no headway on the huge lead John Key holds as preferred prime minister and Labour is drifting back towards 30 per cent support, not climbing towards the high 30s it needs to present a credible threat in four months.

At times like these it is best to look beyond the finish line to the distant horizon. Right now for Labour, 2014 ? with a new rider in the saddle ? is the only credible winning post.

Labour used to laugh at National when they knifed poorly performing leaders. Perhaps they should be calling an expert in from National or some of the faceless men from the ALP in NSW, since they like using international consultants over New Zealanders,?to help them.