How embarrassing

via the tipline

On Thursday night there was a function at parliament to welcome the Springboks to NZ.

Trevor Mallard was there apparently representing his hopeless and absent leader.

Things were trucking along nicely until Mallard got up to speak. He talked about how nice it was that there was a united welcome for the Springbok as 30 years ago, just down the road, “my good mates were batoning my other good mates“.

Cue – sharp intake of breath all around.

The Springbok captain in his reply pointed out very nicely that he was a little boy at the time (3 years old) but he very graciously dealt with the crippled campaign manager.

One of the All Blacks said to my tipster later on that evening that he had asked Mallard what the f**k he thought he was doing.

More than one tipster has relayed this story. Trevor Mallard by all accounts was a boorish prick and should apologise for his behaviour. It is made all the worse for the fact that there?were a few hundred people there. Lots of diplomats, Rugby World Cup people, and Ministers from Australia as well.

The talk was he was lucky he wasn’t caught alone afterwards otherwise he might have got a right good hiding from some pretty angry rugby players.