How to spot a faker

Cactus Kate alerted me to this person based on her sixth sense that super models aren’t interested in politics.

Clearly Cactus is far more discerning of her friends on Facebook than David P. Farrar who would friend any chick with tits that looked like this.

Farrar's new imaginary friend

Farrar's new imaginary friend

One of the first clues that someone is a fake stalker is their profile hints and their friends. This fake bitch says she is the owner of?Capital?Models in Wellington. Slight problem there, the company doesn’t exist, and doesn’t google, neither does she. She also doesn’t exist at the Companies Office. A good sign?the?person is telling porkies.

Then there are the captions on the Photos. This one says that it is her horse on Kapiti Beach north of Wellington. Well colour me surprised but last time I checked Kapiti Beach was neither groomed daily nor grows palm trees in great abundance. I just bet the horse isn’t called Thunder.

Farrars new imaginary friend

My horse "Thunder" on a Kapiti Coast Beach north of Wellington

Tineye is a great search engine for outing fakes. What Tineye tells me is that the photos on this fake Facebook account are lifted from Russian hooker sites who have stolen photos of someone else.

Checking through the friends list, I’d say this Fake Facebook bitch is a pinko trying to go stalking. Silly cow tried to friend Cactus, who told me about it. After laughing at her high profile list of “friends” like Farrar, David Shearer, Deborah Coddington, Nikki Kaye, Ruth Dyson, or Simon Bridges who all?strangely?thought that this stunning Russian hooker was actually interested in them. Perhaps most surprising was that Stuart Nash wasn’t sucked in by this scam, but then again he does have a discerning eye for the ladies.

And when you go through all the photos you find out that the photos are in fact of Ukrainian pop star Tina Karol.

UPDATE: Her Twitter account is a faker too.

Lying Fake bitchShe says she is a model and actress from Wellington, owns a modelling agency, Holds an MA (Hons) in English Literature and enjoys dessage and eventing….she missed out dirty liar. Pearl Going has some real competition here.

So ladies and gentleman this is why nothing gets past?the?VRWC and you can never beat the Whale, especial in an?asymmetrical?war. Rule 6 proves out again.