How would Brendan Burns know?

Lord Burns of Marlborough is a man of many talents. Apart from his highly successful time in running Labour?s slick media machine he is an award winning editor and producer of high class wine.

He has deigned to remove himself from his country seat to help the lumpenproletariat of the Socialist Republic remove the oppressive yoke of Tory government. In doing so he has become the spokesperson for Labour about the future state of Christchurch, based on his holding the seat of Christchurch Central.

A list of 40 historic buildings that should be saved was drawn up after the February quake, but following the June aftershock and the speed of demolition accelerating; only 15 from the list look likely to remain.

Christchurch central MP Brendan Burns said the city will turn into a “shadow of its former self”, if more of the buildings are not saved.

Typical of chardonnay socialist’s like Lord Burns wanting to protect something that could possibly kill people, will cost many times more to keep than to rebuild, and will delay the rebuild of Christchurch. This approach will prevent people from holding down jobs or living in the Central City. That is just fine with Lord Burns, provided he keeps winning the approval of the other chardonnay socialists who think ugly old bricks and mortar make a city, rather than the esprit de corp of the people ? even if the people are lumpenproletariat and do not understand esprit de corp. And probably wouldn?t be able to find it even if they were given a thorough wash.