Hypocrisy over Deals

Labour and others?have?been expressing faux outrage over deals in electorates and somehow take candidate insistance that a strong party vote campaign is somehow gifting a seat to one person or another.

Clearly they?have?forgotten that it is the party vote that counts and so all candidates should be looking to maximise the party vote anyway. The media is now running silly stories like the one about Ohariu:

National has done a deal with the United Future Party and will campaign for the party vote in the Wellington electorate of Ohariu to help leader Peter Dunne retain the seat.

National Party president Peter Goodfellow said it was up to the voters of Ohariu to make their own decisions about what they did with their electorate vote. However, National would be running a strong party vote campaign.

“In Ohariu, as in all local campaigns, we will be emphasising that the National Party needs strong support if it is to form another John Key-led National Government. If that’s what voters want then our message is simple, give National your party vote.”

There is nothing new here, the whole set up of MMP is designed to allow shady back-room deals from all sides. It is all about making the system work for you. National are simply using Helen Clark’s play book and she was supposedly a master of MMP, cutting deals with Jim Anderton in Wigram, Winston Peters in Tauranga and also Peter Dunne before, keeping him nicely?ensconced?in a?ministerial?car far beyond his abilities.

Andrew Little has also expressed faux outrage over the National strategy on Epsom this week.

Given that in New Plymouth, “the independent Rusty Kane came in third with 756 votes and if he hadn’t been in the race they could have gone to Duynhoven“,?the mainstream media should ask Mr Little and Mr Kane whether or not a deal has ever been raised with Rusty Kane on the possibility he might step aside so that Andrew Little can continue his ascendency to Labour leadership.