I wonder if Phil is experiencing this

Labor’s grand tax idea in Australia has hit the wall. This quote from The Australian could just as easily be re-written to apply to Phil Goff and Labour’s vanishing without a trace CGT. Has the “the pitch has failed and voters no longer wish to hear more” from Labour?

THE initial political sales pitch for the detailed carbon tax with all its $15 billion in compensation and tax cuts has failed.

The grand plan, the great expectations and Julia Gillard?s four-week election-style campaign has not just stalled at the beginning but is actually going backwards. She is being assailed by members of the public, has been left without a full complement of supportive ministers and is falling further in public esteem?

Ministers are reporting difficulty in getting access to radio stations – metropolitan and regional – to talk directly to listeners about the carbon tax. Unless the Prime Minister is calling there is a resistance to having ministers as guests and perhaps a reluctance from some ministers to appear.

Even Greens? leader Bob Brown, who negotiated the carbon tax with Gillard and has it as a condition of supporting the minority Labor government, has been on leave while the Prime Minister cleared her agenda for a month to wear out her shoe leather travelling the country.

Yep could easily be re-written for Phil Goff and Labour here.