I'm backing Ken Mair

Ken Mair and Michael Laws are going to step in the ring and I’d say Michael “Maybelline” Laws, a man with a body like a half sucked throatie, is?going?to get spanked.

I just love Ken Mair’s quotes.

Mr Laws’ one and only boxing match was back in his school days while Mr Mair admitted to some “informal” boxing experience on the rugby field.

However, both men were talking up their chances of winning when the fight was announced yesterday.

Mr Laws said he was in great physical shape, while Mr Mair promised to knock Mr Laws off his feet in the first round.

…”But I am serious about putting him down in the first round – I’m doing this on behalf of the four million New Zealanders who want to have a crack at him.”

Go Ken!

Although I will be backing Ken Mair to knock over Michael “Maybelline” Laws, you have to give Laws a huge amount of credit for having the gu,ption to actually get int eh ring without any soft-cock whinging or carping about some imaginary injury like Labour’s crippled campaign manager.