Is Mallard Zetetic?

There’s a strong feeling that Standard poster Zetetic is actually Trevor Mallard.

Let’s look at some evidence shall we.

Here’s your challenge. Of these 14 blog posts, 7 are from Zetetic on the Standard and 7 are from Trevor Mallard on Red Alert. See if you can identify them. Its quite difficult because they are so similar?.

Yesterday, Rahui Katene said the Maori Party could walk away from National?if they didn?t adequately compensate low and middle income people for increasing GST.

Do you?think it will happen?

No way. Do you Tariana Turia is going to give up her Crown car and the other baubles of office?

Today in the house Rahui Katene was pretending to oppose an increase in GST because of what it would do to Maori families.

Tariana didn?t like it when we pointed out that she would lose her car if the Maori Party voted with their rhetoric.

My money is on the Maori Party voting for the increase and Tari keeping her car.

The parliamentary library did a paper on National Standards.Anne Tolley didn?t like it. She forced them to take it down.

That they did is a disgrace and a poor reflection on the speaker who is meant to provide them with protection.

But this millennium the internet works in wonderful ways and the old burn the copies of the papers you don?t like approach?is no longer effective.

Got to wonder who?s doing Tolley?s political advice.

First mistake: her office not being aware of a Parliamentary Library paper that came out weeks ago on National Standards.

Second mistake: responding immediately when the Herald brought it to her attention. Should have said ?thanks, I?ll get back to you?. Then gone and talked to the Speaker.

Just got away from the bikoi at Parliament. What a sight. At least 6,000 people they reckon. The lawn and half the forecourt covered. Tui flying overhead joining in the fun.

The bikers know are they being treated unfairly and National is using their levy money to pay for false propaganda for levy increases. They also know this is the thin end of the wedge. The only reason to move to a fully-funded model like an insurance company rather than a compensation scheme or to move to a user-pays system is to set it up for privatisation.

Remember Aroha who John Key said would be a priority.

He won?t go close to her now that the $1,000 tax cut he has given himself and his high income mates has cut off his options to make Aroha?s life better.

Took years as Education Minister before Lockwood Smith was having to make his escape from angry mobs of students through toilet windows. After 18 months in the job, Tolley barely escaped lynching by 500 principals.

Tolley told principals they should stop talking to the media about national standards. Their criticisms are valid. She would rather silence the critics than fix the problems. Said civil servants aren?t allowed to criticise the government. But principals aren?t civil servants. Not subject to the code of conduct. They?re employed by their boards of trustees. Their duty is to their communities? children.

Tolley has no power to silence them.

John Armstrong calls it as he sees it. The punters feel misled by Key both pre election and pre budget on Kiwisaver. They view the arrangement as a contract and don?t like unilateral changes.

Asset sales are also going down very very badly. Most people understand the economic logic of holding onto assets that produce reasonable dividends and thought Key did too. They thought that there was to be consultation.

Yesterday, John Armstrong wrote ?Goff?s management of the crisis has already begged a major question.? Apart from making me wonder if the question is ?is it OK for the Minister of Police, Judith Collins, to go leaking stories about ongoing police investigations for political gain?.
Foreign Affairs needs a Minister on top of?their game and focussed.

The latest shambles with Fiji just shows McCully isn?t.

McKinnon, Goff or Peters all knew how to play chess and would have worked through Bainimarama?s options before announcing a diplomatic re-engagement.

They would have made it clear that the nominee had to be beyond reproach and certainly not from the banned list.

It is pretty embarrassing for all Kiwis to see our Minister of Foreign Affairs getting publicly dicked around by a two bit dictator.

Having Pansy Wong hanging around is great. The drip feed that Lockwood Smith used will happen again. Once or twice a week July or September depending on whether they go pre RWC.

No unwinnable by-election in January or February.

Numerous Asian money trails leading to a certain post office box.

The gift that will keep on giving. And the best thing is that the area that hasn?t even started being reviewed is all John Key?s responsibility ? Ministerial Services.

How is it fair for a guy whose late wife has been the breadwinner is work tested while he brings up the kids but a woman whose husband dies isn?t?

And while you are at it ? why is it fair for a woman in her fifties who has never had kids to be exempt from a work test and paid a benefit while a woman of the same age who has three kids is forced to go out to work?

Paula Bennett is saying that her benefit bashing policies are about ?supporting people into work?.

What is that support?

I see punishment. I see threats. Where?s the support?

Cutting DPB mums? benefits if they don?t get work. That?s not supporting them. Making unemployed people reapply for their benefit after a year. That?s not supporting them.

What would be supporting people into work?

How about a training allowance? Like the one cut by Bennett. How about investing in job creation? So there are actually jobs to go into.

The kind of questions some enterprising journo could be asking? You know, challenging the minister to show proof of her claims. You know, accountability and all that.

Joyce was told that building the new train cars at the Kiwirail workshop in Dunedin would bring half a billion into the economy. Joyce insisted Kiwirail go with the ?cheapest? option. China. Now, another 40 jobs have been axed. Not to mention other economic losses. Joyce is unrepentant. Blind to the cost of ?cheap?. Aussie?s do it smarter than Joyce.

Looking back over the history of Zetetic it is surprising how consistent he is, i.e. seems to be only one voice.

Recently that has changed with the odd post on economic data (“chart o’ the day”) and now peak oil, both of which are the almost exclusive preserve of Steve Pierson/Bright Red/Marty G/Clint Smith. See this post [no link because they don’t deserve one]

There is no way Trevor would write a sentence such as “The IEA says? conventional oil peaked in 2006 but our government offers only crude denialism and, paradoxically, blithe assurances that they?re ready”.

So it seems that although Zetetic is probably Trevor Mallard, the former or should I say current author Steve Pierson/Bright Red/Marty G/Clint Smith has access to Zetetic’s credentials.

Then of course? there is the evidence of cross posting.

Just yesterday Zetetic wrote a scurrilous post attacking John Key and dreadfully misquoted him. Not long after Trevor Mallard was tweeting about what a great post it was, followed up by Darien Fenton.

Trevor Mallard is Zetetic

Then his Facebook post:

Trevor Mallard is Zetetic

Just about all the Standard posts that Mallard has promoted on Red Alert have been from Zetetic. And a comparison of Mallard’s posting style and Zetetic shows very close correlation. Especially when they post from an iPad with all the giveaways that posting from that platform reveals.

When you do a Google search of “Trevor Mallard + Zetetic you find that Zetetic has an almost unhealthy obsession with every?utterance?of Trevor?Mallard?in the house. Som?many?posts about how great Trevor?Mallard?is, so many that the only conclusion you can come to is that Mallard is Zetetic or someone on his staff is. Either way they are one and the same.

I’d say that the evidence, though circumstantial, is overwhelming that Trevor?Mallard?is Zetetic.

zetetic is Trevor Mallard