It's the voters, stupid

Bryce Edwards excoriates Labour in today’s Politics Daily Roundup:

Labour and its cheerleaders (such as the bizarrely unreflective?John Pagani) are paying the electoral price for their assumptions that ?we are right? and that ?voters must come around to seeing that we are right?. It reflects the arrogance that the public still perceives to embody a party that was thrown out of office three years ago and refuses to show any humbleness or signs of self-reflection. Labour partisans and hacks would do well to be reading all the newspaper editorials (without their rose-tinted glasses on) and face some reality. In particular, they could read the Dom Post?s?Labour needs to find a way to reconnect, the Press??Grim time for Labour, and the Southland Times??Pale in the polls. Furthermore, detail on what issues are important to voters can be found in the article,?Economy key to November election. But quite frankly, on many of the public?s highly valued issues ? education, health, law and order ? Labour is still struggling to differentiate itself from National. Merely asserting that Labour has a superior and different plan is not the same as actually having one.?Inside Labour’s strategy rooms in Parliament, they would do well to get rid of the arrogant assumptions of their own correctness, and remember: ‘It’s the voters, stupid’.