Just a joke…oops!

The Labor MP who sent the txt thinks it was a wee bit of a joke, not so says the Mayor who took the txt to be a threat and?referred?the Labor MP to the?Independent?Commission Against Corruption.

A CENTRAL coast mayor has referred the local Labor MP, Craig Thomson, to the Independent Commission Against Corruption,?claiming Mr Thomson threatened to pull a government project as payback for a council member criticising the government.

Mr Thomson emphatically rejected the claims, saying the text message he sent that provoked the complaint was a joke?

Doug Eaton, the mayor of Wyong, told the Herald he sent a letter to ICAC late yesterday following an exchange last week between Mr Thomson and a local councillor, Greg Best.

Mr Best and Mr Eaton – both independents – had grown unhappy at the amount of time it was taking to establish a GP super clinic in Wyong. The clinic had been promised by the federal government four years ago …

At 6.10am, after his comments had aired, Mr Best received a text message from Mr Thomson saying ??bye bye job incubator??.

The incubator is another federal government promise – a small business incubator and youth training centre in Wyong, where youth unemployment is high. The centre, once built, will be run by Central Coast Group Training, of which Mr Best is the general manager and Mr Eaton is the chairman.

What is it with Labor politicians wordl wide that they have to threaten and cheat and lie?

My wish is that we?have?an ICAC here in New Zealand so our?politicians?and officials can be held to account.