Kindygate ? murkier and murkier

The cat is definitely among the pigeons following my outing of kindergarten associations.

These guys are running scared after being outed.

I revealed that these ?charities? ? which are closely tied to the NZEI – have over $60 million just sitting in the bank, while demanding half a billion more from the taxpayer and trying to ask parents for higher fees.

Now via the tipline a parent has told of some extremely dodgy dealings at their kindy since I broke this story.

Last week parents?were approached by a kindy teacher and told that they should no longer pay their fees to the local association (which has a few million sloshing around in the bank) ? but instead give the cash direct to the individual kindy coffers ? ?to make sure our kindy gets the money and we don?t have to share it.?

Now, as charities (yeah whatever) ALL funding and donations need to be declared.

So, are they now trying to hide money to continue the rort on taxpayers?

Labour allowed this sector to get away with murder and coin it in for years. They are now bleating about funding changes and using kids for political protests ? all the while with millions gathering interest.

Message to ECE and NZEI ? party?s over.