Labour campaigning on the taxpayer? You bet they are

A couple of things have come to my attention via the tipline.

Labour, as we all know from their leaked campaign minutes, are flat broke and are planning on and are indeed using Parliamentary Services funding to finance their campaign.

Clayton Cosgrove though appears to be shunning the ‘Labour’ brand.?I can’t find the logo anywhere on his website.? Perhaps the political cripple’s plan is to make sure MPs don’t mention Labour or Phil Goff??Having said that – it still needs a promoter statement by law – even though it’s Parliamentary funded.

More concerning though is the interesting election development where it?appears?that Labour are getting their election hoarding paid for by the taxpayer.

We all know that Labour is so broke their plan (as revealed by Whaleleaks)?is to use Parliamentary Services funding to ‘benefit’ the Labour Party.? Labour’s got a new take on this.? Getting Parliamentary Services to fund hoardings (which technically fall within the PS rules for communication) and then?plastering people’s fences with the tax-funded?signs.

Annette King Hoarding

This?is something that will depend on?scale.? One of these signs on an office or out and about would be understandable -?but I doubt?that’s what they have planned.

Annette King Hoarding Facebook recruitment

A financially bankrupt party, an intellectually bankrupt policy plan and a?physically?crippled campaign manager. It certainly looks like the only plan that Labour has is the Gnomes Stealing Underpants plan. When they are cash poor I guess that is all there is.