Labour continues to break the law

After being referred to the Police for prosecution by the Electoral Commission for their Stop Asset Sales flyer that was mailed to households Labour promised to desist from sending out illegal brochures.

?Labour has advised the commission that it will abide by the commission’s interpretation of the legislation. It has withdrawn the pamphlet from circulation, along with another similar publication. Between now and the election, it will apply a wide interpretation of the phrase ‘election advertisement’, and include formal promoter statements in the terms recommended by the commission on all such material.?

After my post yesterday asking for examples of rule breaking to be sent in I can now confirm that Labour, contrary to their promise to the Electoral Commission has continued to send out their illegal brochures.

These brochures were?received?today in?his mailbox in West Auckland. My tipster writes:

Saw your post on the blog asking for copies of items received. ?Attached are scans of items I received in the past 3 days in my letterbox in west auckland.

The image with the scenic view I received 2 copies of in 2 days and the other 2 images of the food baskets comparisons I received today.

Labour Party brochure without authorisation

Labour party brochure without authorisation

As you can see this brochure carries no authorisation statement as required by law, and also carries the Parliamentary Crest to show that the taxpayers have footed the bill.

Labour has deliberately lied to the media, to the Electoral Commission and to the New Zealand public. They issued their press statement promising to stop sending out illegal brochures on 9 July. The brochure was delivered yesterday 20 July, some 11 days later. This cannot be a mistake, it has to be a deliberate flouting of the rules.

I will now lay another complaint with the Electoral Commission about Labour’s continued breaking of electoral law.