Labour poll disaster

The lates 3News/Reid Research poll has come out and it is a disaster for Labour and this is before the population learned of Labour’s plan to tax then harder. UPDATE:?Video is now live on 3News.

The results are:

National – up 2.% to $55.1%

Labour – down 2.9% to 29.9%

Greens – up 2.6% to 9.1%

ACT – down 0.5% to 1.7%

Maori – down 0.8% to 0.8%

Mana – up 0.2% to 0.7%

In the preferred Prime Minister stakes John Key has 50.%% and Phil Goff has 6.9%.

Simply put no one likes Labour and left wingers are preferring Greens. Though having Russel Norman talking about an associate finance position in a Labour/Greens coalition is likely to scare?the?horses further.

John Key has his lines sorted. If you want lower taxes vote National and if you want higher taxes vote Labour. Labour must still be wondering if they could pull a Gillard and roll Goff and put someone, anyone, in to staunch the bleeding.