Labour's Strategic Stupidity II

Ele Ludemann, one of the nicest bloggers in the entire blogsphere, points out that ACT and National have failed to do a deal in the past, and it has cost them seats.

In 1999 the Green Party candidate for Otago got 1,872 votes. In the 2002 election the party didn?t stand a candidate in the electorate and Gavan Herlihy, the sitting National MP lost to Labour?s David Parker by 684 votes. Act?s candidate Gerry Eckhoff got 1,294 votes and while not all those votes would have gone to National, enough probably would have to have enabled him to hold the seat.

Grant having the vapours over National and ACT doing a simple, sensible deal in Epsom and in other seats where National will lose if ACT take too many votes is unbelievably stupid. All he has done is opened himself up to attacks from the right for being a hypocrite when Labour and the Greens collude to save Labour seats.

One of the prime seats for saving is Grant?s own. Sue Kedgley has a strong following in Wellington Central and her 5971 votes could be the difference for Grant when it comes to holding off Paul Foster-Bell.

National Party ????14,589 ??????????????????FRANKS, Stephen ???NAT ???15,142
Green Party ????8,494 ????????????????????????KEDGLEY, Sue ???GP ???5,971
Labour Party ????14,244 ????????????????ROBERTSON, Grant ???LAB ???17,046

Combine the Labour and Green Electorate Vote and this is a very safe Labour seat. Let Sue Kedegeley’s replacement, James Shaw, win his share of the vote and Grant?s stellar career crashes. A quick look at his credentials show very much more depth than Grant Robertson’s lifetime of service to Helen Clark and the Labour party. This guy could take a lot more votes than Sue who was getting a little frayed around the edges and didn’t even have a Snapper card.

Grant is one of the most highly rated of the new Labour MPs, and actively talked of as a future Labour Leader and Prime Minister. He is a man who this blog believes deserves respect as a skilled opponent and because he is not a dickhead like Trevor Mallard. It is disappointing he has made such a basic error to take an insignificant tactical win that didn?t matter, without any attempt to think of the damage his stance has done to Labour and his own chances in Wellington Central as well as his counting the numbers for the Parker/Robertson dream team.