Labour's Strategic Stupidity

Grant RobertsonLabour?s campaign spokesman and aspiring deputy leader Grant Robertson has made some exceptionally silly statements about ACT and National doing a deal to ensure National wins electorate seats.

National and ACT are being smart. They have worked out that a vote for ACT is a wasted vote at electorate level, and the extra resources and mana that come from being an electorate MP not a scum list MP are very handy. So handy that it is surprising that Labour haven’t worked out it is another rort they can use to fund their campaign but then obviously when you have a crippled campaign manager who is busy trying to steal underpants you don?t think very deeply.

Why this is strategically stupid is all the idiotic noise means that Labour are now morally obliged to not to do the same sort of deal with the Greens to win or hold seats. If they now decide to change their minds and do a deal with the Greens they will be accused of hypocrisy because it actually would be hypocritical to do such a deal after you have squawked so loudly about others doing it.

What makes it more surprising is that Grant himself is now under huge pressure in Wellington Central, where he has a 1904 majority, which is entirely wiped out with Labour polling at 27%. A deal with the local Green candidate could make all the difference to Grant?s stellar career remaining stellar rather than him having to pretend he is as good as an electorate MP when in fact he is a scum list MP.

Don?t be sorry Grant, just be less f***ed next time.