Making shit up the Bomber way

Bomber Bradbury is ok… camera, and especially when he is bludging a ride off me instead of taking public transport.

He likes though to portray himself as the most honest and above board media person in New Zealand. I wonder then why he just makes shit up sometimes.

In his tirade this morning to his 5 readers, not counting me, he attacks polls and pollsters and makes this stunning assertion as though it is fact.

Don’s on trying to desperately explain why he isn’t desperate cutting a deal for marginal seats. What the idiot mainstream media do not get (and she certainly doesn’t GET IT) is that National are panicking. Why are they panicking? Because they know the political polls are bullshit, but because the msm rely so much on those warped opinion polls, they are missing the panic that is starting on the right.

Take Auckland as an example, 35% of households in Mangere and other south Auckland electorate’s have landlines, 50% in Mt Albert and other isthmus electorates have landlines, close to 80% in most North Shore electorates have landlines. A decade ago those differences were less than 10% and all electorates had the majority of people on listed landlines, now they don’t and you can easily see by that breakdown in Auckland alone how biased these cheap brainfart telephone polls can be.

But if you look at some real facts, not just the one pulled out of his rectum you find:

Mangere: 76% of households have landlines

Mt Albert: 89% of households have landlines

North Shore: 94% of households have landlines

If you go through all of the Auckland seats, you can’t find a single one that even remotely matches Bombers figures. So Bomber is saying (I suspect he invented the figures from his rather large and expanding arse) than since the 2006 census, 40% of Households in Mangere have given up their landline and 39% of those in Mt Albert have also given up their phone lines.

Bomber doesn’t do his tenuous grip on reality any good by spouting totally made up figures. He should retract his lies and apologise.

But the reality is with Bombers constant ill-conceived attacks on pollsters is he is really just doing the bidding of his paymasters attempting to smear all polls so that Labour can claim they are all in the pay of corporate monsters. To see how this is panning out if you look at Bomber’s rants and then link that to Mallard suggesting exactly that on Twitter you can start to see what the “plan” is.

What Bomber and others like Chris Trotter who loudly whined about polls the other day, neglect to observe is that largely the polls are right with only a few examples of outlier results.