Matt McCarten – Tax Cheat

I can do more than repeat what No Right Turn says:

If you’re a left-wing union organiser, who?opposes corporate tax cuts and?favours higher taxes on the rich, you’d be consistent and pay your fair share, right??Wrong:

Inland Revenue is chasing unionist Matt McCarten’s Unite Support Services Ltd. for $150,750 in unpaid taxes after the department forced the company into liquidation last month.McCarten’s vehicle, which supplied administrative support services to the youth-orientated union Unite Inc., was put into liquidation by a High Court order last month after the tax department pursued it for “failure to provide for taxation,” according to the first liquidator’s report.

“Failure to provide for taxation” is a polite way of saying “couldn’t be arsed paying”. Which makes McCarten a hypocrite on a grand scale. As Commissioner of Inland Revenue Robert Russell so eloquently?said this morning,

[p]eople who are non-compliant are basically stealing from their neighbours.

McCarten should stop doing that, and start paying his fair share. Otherwise, he’s no different to the rich pricks he rails against.

Clearly Matt McCarten thinks taxes are for “Other People” to pay.

Keeping Stock?has?some very good questions that Matt McCarten needs to answer.