More evidence Labour is broke

Labour looks set to clash with the Electoral Commission for breaking the law?again.

Newstalk ZB?has been told by the?Electoral Commission last week that Labour is in breach of an Electoral Law?that carries a maximum $40,000 fine.

“It’s given an advisory opinion a “Stop Asset Sales” flyer is a party advertisement and doesn’t satisfy statutory requirements for a promoter statement? … ?Although the flyer does contain Phil Goff’s name and Parliament Buildings as his address, the Commission advises that doesn’t satisfy statutory requirements …?The Commission is considering whether this is serious enough to report to police.”

This Electoral Commission opinion appears to be for one piece of material.? I’ve highlighted others on this blog. That was a week ago, what is happening at?the?Electoral Commission

Labour knows the rules – they helped write them plus they’ve been well circulated and even featured here.

Too right?the Commission should take?further action. They should be prosecuted and they should be fined, and not just for this case, but for all of their cases.

Labour are?recidivist offenders?- and this is not accidental.

We?know Labour MPs are being instructed to use Parliamentary funding to “benefit the LP” and trying to save what little cash they have for later this year.

Labour’s constituency MPs are?trying to keep a constant flow of?taxpayer-funded material flowing through?people’s letter boxes.

But this has now?got so bad, that?senior MPs like David Cunliffe are?recycling?taxpayer-funded material that’s months old. (NOTE: There’s a tiny weeny crest on the front of this which clearly break Parliamentary Services rules about logos as well)

Talk about junk mail.

The Cunliffe courier ‘Autumn 2010/11 issue?arrived in letterboxes out west?during the weekend.? It?promotes?events which have?long been and gone – like the?’upcoming’ April 4 meeting with Phil Goff.? Don’t be late??

David Cunliffe inviting people to a meeting in the pastVoters will need a Tardis to make that meeting.

My Labour party sources also?tell me the printers are currently?busy?putting together?a big Labour?order?of taxpayer-funded?election advertising. Those same sources report a large number of lawyers also spending a huge amount of time with the Labour party right now.

Who knows maybe?this?one will comply with the law, no others have yet.