Moroney abandons ECE workers

Labour and NZEI – joined at the hip, as my recent email expose showed – are doing all they can to make ECE an election issue.

They want you and me to pay an extra half a billion a year into this sector – on top of the $1.4 billion a year which the taxpayer already stumps up.

Certainly, kindergarten associations can never have enough money. As I revealed, these “charities” have at least $60 million in the bank gathering interest.

But if ECE is such a big deal to Labour, then where was Sue Moroney on Friday?

Goff’s education spokesperson (his fifth since the election) had promised to take part in a political panel debate at a childcare conference in Rotorua.

But the hundreds of ECE workers at the conference were left in the lurch. Moroney just didn’t bother turning up. No apology, no explanation.

Maybe she was too busy helping NZEI and kindy associations count their money. Or maybe she was scared the workers would ask how their names and emails had found their way onto Labour’s database.

Or maybe she was worried someone would ask how Labour would fund the extra half a billion a year they have promised this sector.

Whatever the reason, Labour just waved goodbye to yet more votes.