No one is listening to Labour

herald poll on capital gains tax

The problem Labour has with their great new shiny policy, is that no one is listening. More than 70% of the electorate isn’t listening to Labour and more than 93% of the electorate isn’t listening especially to Phil Goff.

The NZ Herald has an online survey that shows exactly that with over 17800 votes. 68% of people says that Labour’s new tax policy won’t make then change the way they’ll vote in this election. And that is 5 months out from election day.

In 5 more months people will?have?forgotten all about this. Especially as Labour is?adamant?that they won’t debate the detail because they think that?people?aren’t?interested?in the detail?plus?they think it makes them boring.

The real reason they don’t want to debate the detail is two-fold. First they don’t have any details, they instead have?promised?to introduce us to an “expert panel“. Wags are suggesting that the expert panel should stand at the election instead of labour since it is them who have all the detail. The second reason that Labour doesn’t want to debate the detail is because they know that the numbers don’t add up and far from paying down debt it?instead?extends the debt?mountain.

The only plus in the debacle of a launch is that David Cunliffe and David parker look like the new?leadership?team for Labour and Phil Goff looks like a numpty. Labour still?have?time to roll Goff and move forward with a new, positive?leadership?team. All it will take is a couple more bad polls and they will do it. The first bad poll hits tonight on TVNZ.