Not a single one

You know Labour’s in the shit when the community paper goes out, asks people who they’ll vote for and not a single one was a committed Labour supporter….in the People’s Republic of Canterbury.

Your views: Capital gains tax

21st July 2011

Labour released its capital gains tax last week but the new policy has failed to boost its popularity. The Star asked who people would vote for if an election was to be held this weekend.Stuart Fabian, 61, retired, of Sumner, would vote for National. He believed they were more equipped than Labour to lead the country. He said National was doing okay in power considering the circumstances and economic climate.

Grace O’Brien, 23, nurse, of Riccarton, would probably vote for John Key. She didn’t think anyone else had stepped up to challenge the Prime Minister.

“He’s the best of a not so fantastic lot.”

Samantha Griffiths, 21, student, of?St Albans, didn’t know who she would vote for. She would choose a party depending on its student loan and student allowance policy.

Ray Smith, 67, retired, of Addington, would vote for National. He said National was doing a good job with the country’s economy. He wanted to see them abolish MMP and return to the first past the post system.

Max Gold, 58, lecturer, central city, normally voted for Labour but he was disappointed with the party’s capital gains tax.

He would watch Labour to see how they fared in the lead-up to the election.

Ben Greig, 21, electrician, of Burwood, would vote for John Key. He thought the Government was doing a good job dealing with the recovery ofChristchurch.

“It’s a hard job, they’re not doing anything I wouldn’t do.”

Frances Kett, 69, retired, of Casebrook, would vote for John Key because he promised not to raise the retirement age.

Helen Roberts, retired, of Addington, didn’t know who she would vote for. She would be looking at the health policies of the major parties as well as looking for a party promising to raise wages to match inflation

Pretty bad…sounds like no one is listening to what Phil Goff or Labour is saying. Perhaps they are just “Brown Noise“?