Not for Sale Fail

Labour has been busily tweeting this image around the place in preparation for today’s?announcement.

There is a slight problem with their messaging though. First up The Cake Tin isn’t a state owned asset. Second even if it was it probably wouldn’t be on the list for investment because stadiums are dogs for investors.

The crippled campaign manager has been tweeting it to everyone, including media who are?probably?going to be very disappointed when they find out that the Cake Tin grassed area is very, very green.

Labour's campaign manager lies like a flat fish

The image is an obvious photoshop. You would think they would?have?left the shadows in place and lined up the authorisation statement properly. Why would you lie like that about something easily proved to be false?

The image says a lot about Labour’s plans. Full of promise but ultimately disappointing in real world execution. Here is the original photo from 2006. I wonder if they asked for permission before stealing it. The photo author has copyrighted the image with full copyright, all rights reserved.

Westpac Stadium Wellington by Ruiqing Liang

Westpac Stadium Wellington by Ruiqing Liang

What is it with labour, they just can’t follow the rules or the law. Copyright theft is stealing. labour are launching their new tax policy where they will propose to steal even more money off taxpayers by using a stolen image. It’s a nice metaphor at least.