Not very GQ

It’s a far cry from his hey day…

Kris Fa'afoi

Kris Fa'afoi in his hey day

An observant reader took these last Saturday in the Mana electorate. ?Charles Chauvel and Kris Fa’afoi only had some Labour supporters holding the placards. My tipster didn’t see any of his neighbours come out. Charles wasn’t looking very GQ either.

Charles Chauvel and Kris Fa'afoi breaking the law

Charles Chauvel and Kris Fa'afoi breaking the law

Charles was apparently more interested in the can in the gutter than giving out details. My tipster asked him if it was true that he was a “one“. ?Deny deny deny…..apparently.

Note the use of an illegal Stop Sign while standing on a road. Given that they’ve told supporters not to use them near the road because the LTSA confirms they’re illegal either Kris Faa’fai is utterly stupid or Labour lied to the LTSA and the public. Looks like I will have to write to the Police now.

I wonder if he has actually moved in to the electorate as he promised yet? Would someone check the electoral roll please.