Of course men want roots

There is a report with very suspect results.

Men over 40 prefer a cuddle to sex and those who get more are more satisfied, a study has found.

The study by the Kinsey Institute in the United States showed men who regularly cuddled and kissed their partners were three times as satisfied as those who did not.

More than 1000 people from the US, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Spain aged between 40 and 70 were asked gender-specific questions, and were either married or living with partners, the average relationship length being 25 years.

What a sad indictment on those countries. Men are actually very simple creatures, they want to be well fed, and well f*cked, topped off with a little bit of praise and in that order.

But in street interviews of New Zealand men, the results were different. Those willing to comment said they preferred sex, or both sex and cuddling – but cuddling on its own was not enough.

Yeah Kiwi blokes know where it is at.

Apparently they surveyed what women think…sorry out of space to discuss that.