Oh Warnie, what have you done

Oh dear Lord, is he even still a man?

Shane Warne is a girly man

He was photographed looking noticeably slimmer, more muscle-bound and decidedly tanned on the set of Gossip Girl in New York.

Sporting a tight blue t-shirt, dark glasses and a chic new hairdo, he was almost unrecognisable from his former incarnation as a beefty, louty, knockabout bloke from Down Under.

During his years as a famous Aussie cricketer, Warne had declined to take much of an interest in his physique or appearance, except for the odd foray into blond hair dye and hair ?renewal?. If he grew slightly overweight thanks to too much beer and too many meat pies, it didn?t seem to worry him.

But it seems those days are over.

Since he met and started dating Hurley, he has morphed into an altogether more sophisticated creature.

Gone is the bad dye job and spiky hair. Gone is the pot belly. Gone are the trainers and high-street tracksuits.

These days Warne seems to be styling himself, or being styled, on a cross between James Bond and a Ken doll.

Thanks to the attentions of Hurley he says that he has lost 22lb and feels better than he has in years. He appears to have had his eyebrows reshaped and has even admitted to using moisturising cream, defiantly proclaiming: ?Yes, I?m still a man?.

No Warnie, you aren’t….you’re G.A.Y.