Orcon are useless bastards

For some years we were with Orcon. When we first signed up with them it was great, they bestowed gifts upon us and treated us like customers. Then the state took over and the old Orcon went away and a new crap Orcon came into being.

When we moved house they rooted up the change over. They left us without phone or net for two weeks.?Conveniently?they blamed Telecom but we had given them a months notice of the moving date.

Then in the new house the service just continued to degrade. Their were random network outages, speed degradation and drop outs. Holding Skype conversations became impossible.

What finally broke our resolve though was two outages where we lost the net for over a week but told that it was our fault and the wiring/router/convenient?excuse x inside our house until I had jumped through so many hoops that they had to send a technician to check outside our house. Only the?technician never truned up, never rang, and miraculously everything returned to normal.

Then just a month later our phones were dead. The net worked fine but the phones were dead. Of course Orcon started the cables must be faulty inside you house schtick all over again, then it must be the router, then almost anything else but send someone to fix the bloody thing. Again after days of jumping through hoops they decide to send a technician, who again never shows up or rings ro advises anything and again miraculously the phones start working again despite no change of equipment or wiring inside the house.

The thing that annoys me the most about all this carry on is that they make like it is all your fault. Even when you explain that nothing has changed inside, no new equipment, no new router, no changes to to anything. The second fault really got my goat because we ar on ADSL. So if the net is working then the phone line should be working, they are on the same fricken pair!

So anyway, we canceled. We went somewhere else. Do you think the troubles went away? Not bloody likely.

Now they?continually?send us bills for services we no longer?receive. We have a new router configured by our new provider so it just isn’t possible that they can be billing us for services we used accidentally other than because they really are just tits at everything they do.

Calling them is pointless, emailing is worse, so maybe we will just start marking their emails as spam and see what happens then.

For anyone else out there thinking of signing up with Orcon. One word. DON”T.

Meanwhile we haven’t had a single outage, the Skype calls don’t degrade and the speed is awesome with the new supplier. Orcon are now in the same category as Hell Pizza for me. Never, ever, again.

Never Fuck with a Bloggerhat tip to Jacqueline for the image.